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Award-winning Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself  is not only one woman's journey, but also a call for social change. Rooted in a lively spirituality, Nancy Thurston excavates history—family, personal, global—for the sake of healing and transformation across the big topic divides that cut through our world today.


That's the snapshot, and of course there's more to the story. If you, like me, love to sniff out the history behind the picture, read on.

Big Topics at Midnight defies easy categorization. It's memoir and history and a celebration of the power of faith and myth and magic. It’s personal, and it’s about social change.

Big Topics at Midnight is my story and my pilgrimage—a Texas born girl with an insatiable desire for awareness, and an irresistible call from Spirit. On my journey, I woke up to systemic abuses of money and power. I woke up to racism, classism and sexism. I woke up to myself. But that’s not all.

I woke up to myself as part of a much greater fabric, one that included the voices of my ancestors, the hopes of my descendants, the messy and miraculous humanity of my contemporaries, and personal and global history I didn’t want to know but couldn’t ignore. Consequently, my story belongs to all of us.

Midnight is a dark time, a time when we’d like to be sleeping, but we can’t if we’re troubled, can’t if we’re awakened by issues that won’t let us close our eyes. Now is a midnight time.

Big Topics at Midnight explores issues that span personal to global, through the portal of one life, mine. In the middle of my pilgrimage, I discovered that the very places we have historically been the most divided can become the doorway into new life.

My hope is that my story will spark you to remember your story and to know yourself as part of a greater whole. We need each other. Future generations need us all. Will you join me?


Feeling the pain of our separation from each other is one thing; taking a bold look at the ways we have each internalized beliefs that reinforce our separation is another. Nancy Thurston’s new book shows us how race, class and gender are keepers of the great divide.Kimberly Carter Gamble, Producer, Director, THRIVE and CEO Clear Compass Media, LLC